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Googlebait SEO Might Be Right For You If...

  • You spent a ton of money and time on a website that doesn't attract and convert ideal clients.
  • You are tired of blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc. each and every week.
  • You are tired of hustling daily on social media.
  • You are spending way too much time in LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.
  • You are tired of overpaying for ads that don't result in new ideal clients (SEO will help complement and enhance your ad spend).
  • You are tired of paying for complicated tech tools that overpromise (like LeadPages and ClickFunnels).  You know you still have hustle hard each day to get traffic to these pages and funnels, right?
  • You are tired of sending out several newsletters and emails each week and begging your loyal subscriber list to work with you.
  • And you are so tired of spending hours researching keywords, filling out your websites meta tag descriptions, and writing catchy titles, only to never be found on Google. 
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Wouldn't It Be Great If A Million People Per Month Saw Your Website On Google's FREE Organic Search?

Let The Power Of Google Search Work For You For A Change...

We see far too many service-based entrepreneurs and business owners spending way too much time and money hustling on social media, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, filling out meta tags and descriptions, overpaying for Facebook and/or Google Adwords, etc. in hopes of increasing their rank and visibility on Google and attracting more ideal clients/customers.

Googlebait's approach means you don't have to spend time and money reworking your main site to improve your SEO ranking.

By creating strategic SEO pages that target a specific keyword or a keyword phrase and, using new original and content, these pages increase your chances of being found on search engines by your ideal clients and customers via Google's FREE organic search.

When done correctly, your main site will peak your potential client/customer's interest, help them get to know you and your products/services, build trust, and convert sales but you need Googlebait to get them there in the first place.

Building elaborate landing pages, lead pages, and sales funnels means nothing if you can't get the right people to your page in the first place - that is where Googlebait SEO comes in.

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Who Does Googlebait SEO Program Work For?

Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors

Wedding & Event Planners, Professional Organizers, Interior Designers

Multi-Level, Network Marketing Representatives

Affiliate Marketers

Online Course/Program/Passive Income Creators

Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Chiropractors, Orthodontists

Real Estate Agents

Tradesmen – Plumbers, Contractors, Masonry, Landscaping, Architects, Electricians, Etc.

Local Businesses – Restaurants and Retail Shops

And More!

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How Is Googlebait SEO Different From All The Other SEO Companies That Email And Call Me All The Time?

Many SEO companies are outside of the USA and do not understand your language culture.  Googlebait is USA based!

Other SEO Companies mostly focus on your current website and they want to rewrite your all your web pages.

They will charge you lots of money to do this and, in the end, it probably won't make any difference.

We've had hundreds of clients come to us AFTER working with another SEO company only to find the other company did absolutely NOTHING.  The client had no idea that they charged them and did nothing because they didn't understand SEO and what to look for.

We want your site and SEO Pages to be written in a way to draw in humans to read and convert to a sale.

We want you to understand SEO so that you can update your SEO strategy frequently and stay ahead of your competition.

Your pages will be built to enhance your site, drive new customers to your site, and do well in organic searches, but not to completely rewrite/redesign your site.

This is based on the principle that Google treats every page on your site as a stand-alone page - or mini-website in itself if you will.

These pages will be written for words your clients actually search for on Google.

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What Services Do You Provide?

Complete Website Analysis and Audit Of Your Current Website

Complete Analysis and Audit Of Your Current Website

Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Competition On Google

A Proprietary Keyword Research Technique (This is the secret sauce to Googlebait :)

Training On How To Continue Finding The Best Keywords For Your Business In The Future

Guidance On How To Use These "Hot" Keywords To Write An SEO Focused Page That Will Attract and Covert Sales For You.

Training On How To  To Research Your Competition and What You Need To Do On An Ongoing Basis To Keep Your Competition At Bay

Content Creation Strategy Consulting

Web Page Creation and Consulting

Recommend The Best Website Platforms and Online Tools For Your Particular Business

Suggest Ways To Improve Performance, Reliability, Speed, and Security For Your Website Platform

Ensure Your Branding, Landing Pages, and Sales Funnels Are Set Up To Capture and Convert Your Ideal Clients/Customers So That SEO Will Work For You

Training On How To Research and Use Your Competitors' Backlinks To Work For You

How To Research The Best Links Before You Link

And More!

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